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Untitled 51

Untitled #51 on flickr

Untitled 50

Untitled 50 on flickr

Camera #1

I recently purchased a few old cameras thinking that I might be able to create a series of interesting pieces based on them. Here’s the first of three that resulted from that exploration.

Camera #1 on flickr

Camera #3

Camera #3 on flickr

Futureglyphic 20

The first of a few new Futureglyphics I’ve been working on. This one will be shown for the first time at the World to Come show which opens tonight at Tasty Space in Las Vegas.

Futureglyphic 20 on flickr


The first in a new series inspired by reading Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Space Chronicles as well as just a general love of NASA. I’ve got several more of these in the works and will be posting soon.

Challenger on flickr


Viking on flickr

Pioneer 10

Pioneer 10 on flickr