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Futureglyphic #15

Futureglyphic #15 on flickr

Untitled #41

Untitled #41 on flickr.

Untitled #111 in Beautiful Decay Book 6

Just had my first piece published in Beautiful Decay book 6 (the piece on the right, not the cover design.) Many thanks to to the editors over there for selecting my work for inclusion this time around.

Untitled #111 in Beautiful Decay Book 6 on flickr

Untitled 51

Untitled #51 on flickr

Futureglyphic 16

Futureglyphic 16 on flickr

Futureglyphic 18

Futureglyphic 18 on flickr

Futureglyphic 19

Futureglyphic 19 on flickr

Camera #3

Camera #3 on flickr

World To Come Show Poster

Got my first solo art show opening next week. Many thanks to Dana Satterwhite and his gallery TastySpace for showing my work. More details at

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