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Futureglyphic Mashup

After finishing the last two futureglyphics, I thought it would interesting to see what happened if I combined them together. Here’s the result.

Futureglyphic Mashup on flickr

Futureglyphic #13

Futureglyphic #13 on flickr

Untitled 29

I’ve been working on some new collages in my untitled art print series. Here’s the first of them.

Untitled 29 on flickr

Untitled 25

Untitled 25 on flickr

Futureglyphic #15

Futureglyphic #15 on flickr

Found object collage

Recently I was asked by the ad agency where I work to create some art in conjunction with a sustainability awareness project they were doing. After giving it some thought, I decided to create two pieces of art made entirely from objects found within the office - which the agency could then auction off and donate the proceeds to their environmental charity of choice. 

So I spent a couple weekends digging around the office looking for elements to use. Then I spent a few weeks trying to figure out an interesting way to combine them together. 

Here’s the first of those two pieces.

Untitled #111 on flickr

Untitled #110

The second of two art pieces created entirely from elements found around our office. 

Untitled #110 on flickr.

Untitled #41

Untitled #41 on flickr.

Untitled #32

Untitled #32 on flickr

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